Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gluten-Free Red Velvet Mango Cupcakes

gluten free red velvet mango cupcakes

Today I baked a new gluten free cupcake for my mom. Red velvet with mango chips inside. She normally has hers plain but I felt that my creative baking should expand to the gluten free side as well. I saw the mango chips as I call them at the store and the idea popped into my head. I then to bake in three. One set for me, for my siblings and for my mom. I already made my batch which was the Very Cherry & Coconut Cupcakes a few weeks ago and now it was my mom's turn. It was not hard at all to make. I will show you what I did to create this yummy treat. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Upcycled Shoe Box & Closet Background

upcycled shoe box & closet background

The past week I have been painting tangerines crates. I couldn't let it go to waste so I decided to upcycle them into shoe boxes for the entry closet of my apartment. If you have kids, siblings, a huge family then you know that one of the most craziest closet would have to be the closet by the front door. No matter what, it some how gets messy all over again. I swear that I organized it and I don't know what happened but a hurricane comes in and wipes the organization away. It is stressful and also very embarrassing since that is one of the first places you see when you first walk in. When I saw these crates the first things I thought was... I can use this. Of course as I am doing this other ideas pop to mind so this simply project became a whole entire entry closet make over.

Friday, September 26, 2014

City Of Links #38

city of creative dreams link party

I am glad that it is FRIDAY and we can party! Boy was this week fun. I watched my shows, I painted something that I will show you next week, I went to the Food Truck Festival over the weekend last week. I blogged my little heart out, started getting Kay back on his potty schedule and been editing my novel that I was adding more chapters too. Busy busy. How was your week? I did you enjoy the Fall TV Show premiers that came this week? Some Scandal perhaps or How To Get Away With Murder? I am sure you caught some shows while you were created your fantastic posts. Link, Share and Check out these features! 


Fall Mantle - Blooming Homestead

Thrift Necktie Coffee Cozy - Sadie Seasongoods

Nutella Banana Froyo - Sweet and Spicy Monkey 

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Food Truck Festival '14

Toronto's Food Truck Festival 2014

I was totally excited to be going to the Food Truck Festival this year. I never been before. I been so interested in food trucks and going to any food truck in generally ever since I watched the Food Channel and Eat.St. I made it my goal this summer to go to a food truck but missed one of my opportunity until now. I heard about it from Buytopia... you know my favourite site with great deals and bought tickets 2 for $13.00. I would have to pay around $25.00 if I did not do this deal. Not to bad of a discount.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Fall TV Show Schedule 2014

What new fall TV shows have you been watching? I showed you all the new fall TV shows I am going to be tuning in this season. I also shared the shows that have been cancelled as well as show that will be returning this fall. In my Must See Fall TV Shows 2014 post. I organized it by channels for you all but thought I would break it down by the week for you all and for myself, friends and family that has been asking me when certain TV shows come on and what time. So to save me the text messages and phone calls I have been getting I thought that today I would organize my fall TV show by creating a schedule. Sounds good? If you guys are interested are looking for the cancelled show list, dates of premiers and returning TV shows check out my Must See Fall TV Shows 2014.