Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Top Bunk Makeover Plan

bunk bed makeover plan

There is a few spots of my siblings room that are in need of some organizing so I decided to re-take the challenge but one section at a time. This remaining month I am going to focus on the top bunk of the bunk bed where my little sister sleeps. She is the artist one in the family and as much as I love art. We are all getting tired of the luggage that comes with being a artist, you know, the many crayons, bits of paper, glue and huge projects that take up space in the small apartment that we have. If she had her own room things would be a lot easier but since we can't build one in the apartment we have to make do with what we do have and she has her very own top bunk.

Friday, December 12, 2014

City of Links #49

city of creative dreams link party

Welcome to City of Links #49. Things have been a little out of sorts over here at City of Creative Dreams. I am trying some new things out and gearing up for the new year for my blog. I haven't been abandoning you all on purpose, I promise. I do admit that I have been binge watching some shows well finishing a few seasons of One Tree Hill. I know, I know its so old. I feel behind a lot during the season and did not want to jump in at any episode so I decided to wait until the whole season was on DVD. Have you seen the price for a whole entire season? Its crazy amount but thankfully I have a new channel called Shomi that now has all seasons for free. WhooHoo! Apart from the huge dump of snow we got yesterday, I have to say my week was not too bad. How was yours? I wanna see your creative creations! Link, Share and Check out these features!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

City Themed Fake Storage Book

city themed fake storage book

I am the Dollarama Queen, in my home that is. I normally have something someone in my family wants. This time, my grandma found this awesome fake book at Dollarama and I had to buy one for myself. Imagine all the things you can put in this book. I for one, finally have a spot where I can store little things that seem to clutter my desk. I like that the book is city themed (of course I would love that) and it was only $3.00 so I bought two for myself and one for my mom too. The store has, from what I remember, three city themed fake books, London, New York and Rome. I have always wanted one of these to hide things and store secret things in. Lately I don't have much of that, only knickknacks, cords and such that I don't know where to put.

Friday, December 5, 2014

City of Links #48

city of creative dreams link party

Welcome to City of Links #48. First one of the month of December! My week did not turn out as planned. I had a lot to share with you all this week but somehow my son misplaced my camera cord so I have been flipping my apartment upside down looking for the cord. My photos have been trapped on my camera waiting for me to find the cord so I can upload it onto my computer. Sorry if you came on looking for what new project I have been working on. I still haven't found the cord and if it is anything like that time we searched for my mom's car keys then it will be a while before we will see it again. Guess I am going to have to bring out my wallet and buy another one. Good news though, I did realize that I could just put the camera memory card or SD card into my laptop and take pictures off like that. (wish I realized that sooner) What have you been up too? Amazing things as usual I am sure. Link, Share and Check out these features!

Free to Chic Dinning Room Table

dining room table makeover

I found a table, not just any ordinary table but a free dinning room table that a older couple left outside with the sign saying 'free' on it. I normally walk past their place on the way to going to drop my siblings to school. At first glance I could tell that it wasn't my style. So I gave it a few days. Continue to drop and pick up the kids. It wasn't something I was going to get until I thought what I could do with it. My mom wasn't going to buy a new dinning room table until my siblings went to college at this point. Long story short, they broke the dinning room table and the new fold up one honestly belonged outside.