Thursday, October 30, 2014

How Bloggers Can Make Money With Guidecentral

how to make money with guidecentral

How bloggers and diy-ers can make real money with Guidecentral? It is easy actually. Have you asked the question, how can bloggers make real money? I think I have Googled that over a 100 times. We all hear about bloggers making money with Google Adsense, with a Etsy shop, with selling something or having sponsors. There are many advertisers and companies saying that they can help you make money. A huge list of companies and places bloggers recommend but not all works for everyone. Some works for one blog and not the other. It is not easy for all of us though. I am still figuring all of this out. Who wouldn't want to make real money from the projects and ideas that you already blog about. I say, real money because we want real money coming in. Not that little cent amount we see from our Google Adsense but actual money. Now we can with this amazing new site!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ikea Hack: From Bookcase to Custom Closet Part 1

I thought I would tackle my very own Ikea Hack (my first one) and transform a bookcase into a custom closet. I love Ikea! Who doesn't? I been seeing so many Ikea Hacks these days that inspired my creativity. Honestly, I was shocked. Here I was thinking that these guys and women.... these amazing bloggers have all the money in the world to be creating such amazing projects and DIY's that I could never get on their level. Who knew that they were using the same Ikea products that I adore and drool over but decided to add their own twist to it. That got me rethinking and my creativity gears spinning.

Monday, October 27, 2014

City of Instagram and News

You heard correct, City of Creative Dreams has finally got onto the Instagram wagon. Some many blogs have it. I have a personal one that I use so how come I haven't gotten one for my blog? What took me so long? Honestly my old phone completely sucks and whenever I would try to add pictures to it, it would shut the whole entire phone down. Very frustrating! If you know me by now then you know that I pick some bad cellphones. However it is not a problem for two reasons: First, I finally upgraded to a new phone (about time) and second, I bought a iPad mini (I knew that I wasn't going to win one after hitting almost my 50th giveaway with no success.) It was time to bring out the wallet.

Friday, October 24, 2014

City of Links #42

city of creative dreams link party

Welcome to this week's City of Links Party! Sorry that I have been M.I.A some days this week and last week. I am trying to do a makeover in my room and making a few changes while working on some changes that is going to be being coming to my blog soon. So much going on! It doesn't mean I don't love you. So what have I been up to this week? I made entry closet dividers and delicious cupcakes. Oh, I also being trying to get used to my new cell phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 now. Hopefully I don't have to add this one to my cellphone graveyard. (I tend to pick terrible phones) I been hearing good things about this phone and got a great deal for it. I also bought myself an iPad (something I said I would never do but it is a must for future updates to my blog. You will have to wait to see) So I am getting used to that as well.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chocolate Hersheys Cookie & Creme Cupcakes

chocolate hersheys cookie and creme cupcakes

I have been baking. Does Chocolate Cupcakes with Melted Hershey's Cookie & Creme sound good? I think so too. I am not usually a icing person on my cupcakes. Sometimes I enjoy it, something I just take off the icing and eat the cupcake. I had one of my friends daughter come over a long time ago and she wanted to know what I was making. I told her cupcakes and she said "Where is the icing?" I replied with "Oh, I don't have any icing." and she said "Oh, so you made muffins then." It made me laugh. Naked cupcakes are muffins. So I thought about placing melting white chocolate on top as a form of icing. White chocolate is my favorite if I had to choose. Other than that, chocolate is not my go to. I am more of a candy girl than a chocolate girl. These cupcakes are for my siblings.