Monday, December 22, 2014

Barbie Storage Board

barbie storage board

I have seen shoe holders transformed into Barbie storage before but I wanted mine to be different. Barbies are a fun time in little girls lives but finding something to store it in can sometimes be difficult depending on your situation. I personally haven't played with Barbies in a very long time but having two younger sisters that time has come. My challenge is space. Space is limited my siblings bedroom so I had to think of something that could storage their Barbies while not take up too much space while accomplishing my goal. Also price is a major aspect. Good thing that this project only costs $9.00. Here is how I made it:

Friday, December 19, 2014

City of Links #50

city of creative dreams- link party

Welcome to City of Links #50! I am so glad that it is Friday, well I am normally glad when it is Friday but this time it is because today marks the kickoff to my winter break. Whoa hooo! Two weeks of sleep in and no alarms. Yes, I do have to suffer with three times the amount noise during these days but I got some things I have to get done such as finally finishing my son's potty training and also adding the task of getting him on a sleep schedule. We been practicing for a while but he is turning two so I think its time to head to the finish line. My goal is to get this down in a week. I hope I can do it this time with no interruptions. Enough about me, how was your week? Ready for some relaxation? Lets see those latest post! Link, Share and Check out these features!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

IKEA HACK: Variety Frame Holder

Ikea Hack Variety Frame Holder

I am going to show you how to make a easy IKEA HACK which I call Variety Frame Holder. I chose to call it a Variety Frame Holder instead of a jewelry or supply or keys holder (ect) because it can be used for anything really. Anything... well anything small that you want to hang up or display. If you want to use it for your jewlery then do that or for your many pairs of scissors then use this frame holder for that. The control is in your hands. That is why it is called an variety frame! It takes less than a few minutes to make and it doesn't cost much really. To prove that is doesn't cost much let me show you the TOLSBY frame from IKEA that costs only 99 cents. You read it correctly, 99 cents. It also comes other colors like orange, blue, green and red. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Top Bunk Makeover Plan

bunk bed makeover plan

There is a few spots of my siblings room that are in need of some organizing so I decided to re-take the challenge but one section at a time. This remaining month I am going to focus on the top bunk of the bunk bed where my little sister sleeps. She is the artist one in the family and as much as I love art. We are all getting tired of the luggage that comes with being a artist, you know, the many crayons, bits of paper, glue and huge projects that take up space in the small apartment that we have. If she had her own room things would be a lot easier but since we can't build one in the apartment we have to make do with what we do have and she has her very own top bunk.

Friday, December 12, 2014

City of Links #49

city of creative dreams link party

Welcome to City of Links #49. Things have been a little out of sorts over here at City of Creative Dreams. I am trying some new things out and gearing up for the new year for my blog. I haven't been abandoning you all on purpose, I promise. I do admit that I have been binge watching some shows well finishing a few seasons of One Tree Hill. I know, I know its so old. I feel behind a lot during the season and did not want to jump in at any episode so I decided to wait until the whole season was on DVD. Have you seen the price for a whole entire season? Its crazy amount but thankfully I have a new channel called Shomi that now has all seasons for free. WhooHoo! Apart from the huge dump of snow we got yesterday, I have to say my week was not too bad. How was yours? I wanna see your creative creations! Link, Share and Check out these features!