Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY Wedding Feature - Easy Chalkboard Family Name

I love projects that you can take from your home and place it at your wedding or visa versa. I saw this at City of Creative Dreams #28 and thought this would be great for both home and wedding. What is better buying something intended for wedding but being able to use it after the wedding and into your home. This Chalkboard is completely customizable to go with any wedding, any occasion and any home. Place this by the entrance of the door of the reception or by money box, table cards, candy table or even behind the bride and groom's chair.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DIY BeaUtiFUL Collage MIrror

Do you feel Beautiful everyday? Hands up if you feel beautiful every single day? This is not the same as feeling happy everyday but happy with yourself, your appearance, your overall self. Do you remember the last time you told yourself that you are beautiful? Not your parents, not your friends, family members or boyfriend telling you that you are but YOU. I mean actually say it, not hiding it in your head. Did you know that the pressure to be beautiful can start as early as 14 years old. Dove's Self-Esteem Statistics show that 13% of Canadian girls 10-14 years old , 6% for girls ages 15-17 years old and 3% for women 18-64 years old are comfortable calling themselves 'beautiful'. 70% of girls all around the world get that pressure from friends. It wasn't that long ago that I was one of that percentage and some days that little girl version of myself comes back.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Wonderful Email -

There is some things that still get me excited when it happens to me. I love featuring fellow mom bloggers at my City of Creative Dream - City of Links Party on Fridays and love hearing the comments from all the excited bloggers who I featured every week. Hearing how I made their day brings me such joy. Honestly just having all these incredible blogs come over to mine to share their work with me brings me the same joy and excitement. A week ago I was going through my emails as I usually do and came across this one from Sarah Sager over at She told me that one of my posts were featured on their site. How awesome is that!

Friday, July 18, 2014

City of Links #28

Welcome! I am so happy to have you again this Friday. I have been doing great since my surgery. I still can't lift anything (including me son) and I still walk a little slow but I can do something still. Don't like being able to do everything I am used to however it is for me to heal. My son is not enjoying everyone keeping him away from me in the beginning, he understands a little that something is wrong with mommy. He just misses me at time. Now he is going at his terrible two (at 17 months) AHHHH! I can say that he is asking for milk less and less. Yesterday I got rid of a ton of his old baby stuff including his favourite nursing pillow that he points too or literately picks up and bring to me when he wants milk (he also points to my chests if there is no pillow near by). Bye Bye nursing pillow! Thank you to everyone for their kind words and encouragement throughout the week and enjoy this weeks party. Please tell everyone!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Great On the Go Wet Bag

Have you ever go swimming and put your wet swim clothes in a plastic bag because you did not want your bag to get wet? Or you were not near a garbage and have a dirty diaper wondering where you are going to put this stinky thing? I bought these Kushies "On the Go" Waterproof Wet Bags from Walmart for my vacation that I was on in December. These were such a helping hand during my trip and even after my trip I still have it near me in my bag.