Friday, October 24, 2014

City of Links #42

city of creative dreams link party

Welcome to this week's City of Links Party! Sorry that I have been M.I.A some days this week and last week. I am trying to do a makeover in my room and making a few changes while working on some changes that is going to be being coming to my blog soon. So much going on! It doesn't mean I don't love you. So what have I been up to this week? I made entry closet dividers and delicious cupcakes. Oh, I also being trying to get used to my new cell phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 now. Hopefully I don't have to add this one to my cellphone graveyard. (I tend to pick terrible phones) I been hearing good things about this phone and got a great deal for it. I also bought myself an iPad (something I said I would never do but it is a must for future updates to my blog. You will have to wait to see) So I am getting used to that as well.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chocolate Hersheys Cookie & Creme Cupcakes

chocolate hersheys cookie and creme cupcakes

I have been baking. Does Chocolate Cupcakes with Melted Hershey's Cookie & Creme sound good? I think so too. I am not usually a icing person on my cupcakes. Sometimes I enjoy it, something I just take off the icing and eat the cupcake. I had one of my friends daughter come over a long time ago and she wanted to know what I was making. I told her cupcakes and she said "Where is the icing?" I replied with "Oh, I don't have any icing." and she said "Oh, so you made muffins then." It made me laugh. Naked cupcakes are muffins. So I thought about placing melting white chocolate on top as a form of icing. White chocolate is my favorite if I had to choose. Other than that, chocolate is not my go to. I am more of a candy girl than a chocolate girl. These cupcakes are for my siblings.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Entry Closet Dividers

closet dividers

I told you I was doing a entry closet makeover. I thought about creating entry closet dividers while creating and organizing the shoe section of the closet. It popped into my head actually. I found that my siblings often dug into the closet looking for their coats. They often couldn't see their coats and then I would have to dig into the closet to find a coat or sweater that was right there but had gotten eaten or bullied by another jacket. If it did not find it self on the floor then it was somewhere in this closet. It was not that it was not hung up on the rod or that it was dangerously hanging off hangers but my siblings coats would somehow find its way hidden behind my mom's coats. So, I came up with a solution.

Friday, October 17, 2014

City of Links #41

city of creative dreams link party

Welcome to Friday! I am so glad you could come join and visit my City of Links, Link Party today. I missed you this week. I took a few days off. I needed to de-stress from life for a few days. I don't give myself enough breaks I noticed. Over worker that leads to huge stresses. I told you that I finished my novel before... did I tell you that I re-read it and realized that it needed to flow better. So my novel that was once 14 chapters turned into 23 chapters. I am so proud of this novel. I wrote stories over the years and plays but never a novel. I am so excited. I will share it when all has come together. I am thinking about getting some bloggers to read it and review it. What do you think about that idea? Let me know. Good idea or bad idea? Let's party! Link, Share and Check out this week's features!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Natural Way Of Removing Pee

natural way of getting rid of pee

I needed a natural way of removing pee from a mattress. If you have a child or a pet then you know the annoying smell and hassle of getting rid of it. Chemical wise, it is not cutting it for me. I wanted to find a better solution for getting rid of the odour and smell of pee. I thought I would try out the natural cleaning solutions that I saw on Pinterest. I didn't want to waste a ton of money on chemical or non chemical products again when I could solve my problem with things I already had at home. Green Cleaning!