Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Potty Training Diary - Week 1

potty training, potty training diary

I have done it... well not finished but I have finally starting the potty training adventure. My son is now 19 months. I noticed that lately it is a fight to change his diaper (like I am a villian and he is a super hero saving himself from Dr.Clean who keeps taking him away from playing just to change his dirty diaper.) I have no idea when changing diapers came to be such a burden. Here I was thinking he would be happy to have someone clean him but now it seems to be very uncool. (When did my 19 month old get so big?) So based on that I figured maybe it is time to start potty training him.

Friday, August 15, 2014

City of Links #32

link party

Well my week was filled with potty training. I will share more about that next week for my potty training diary so stay tune for that. I also created some fun printables this week. Got to share my dream business venture and shared this awesome reusable keep cool shopping bag that I bought. Many fun things. You can check out these post I am talking about below. I also cut my thumb last night with a knife while trying to separate two frozen thin hamburgers apart. Ouch!  How was your week? What have you been up? Well I am sure they are great because I know I got the best blogs, sharing all these amazing posts, food, crafts and more. I am always excited to see you all here every week to party with me. Alright now it is time to Party! Link, Share and Check out these features!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pack It Reusable Grocery Bag

pack it reusable grocery bag

I came across this fantastic site and literally wanted to buy everything. Reuseit, I could shop there all day if I could. I loved their products so much that I became a affiliate of theirs. I heard about Pack It products a few years ago when I saw their lunch bags but when I ordered them off the company site they for some reason could not complete and ship my order so I forgot about them until now. I saw their Pack It Shopping Cooler/Grocery Bags on Reuseit.com and was so excited. These reusable grocery bags keep your food cold for up to 6 hours. Amazing right?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DIY Wedding Feature: Orange Sunburst Necklace

Welcome to yet another DIY Wedding Feature. I am featuring Undeniable Glitter's Orange Sunburst Necklace that is absolutely beautiful. I always find it amazing how effortless it looks to make and create a necklace. I wish I could make these and you can for your wedding. Undeniable Glitter shows us a way to create this Orange Sunburst necklace for our special day or our everyday. If you are the creative kind, the diy kind, saving money kind then you should check out this post.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Dream Business Venture

dream business venture campaign

If you have a chance to start a business tomorrow, what would it be? I was asked that by Kabbage. Not a literately a cabbage (the veggie) but the small business loan company called Kabbage for their 'Dream Venture Campaign'. I thought this concept was fun and different that is why and I am teaming up with Kabbage to share with you what my dream venture would be. "A loan company Shanice, are you being serious?" Yes! Many of us dream of having a business and when we make that happen sometimes we need a helping hand but there is so much to go through when money is a problem. I know that was my first thought when I had the thought of starting a business a long time ago. Kabbage is a really cool company that specializes in helping small business pursue their dreams with financial help. Let me tell you why I think this company is special (it may just be what your business needs) and find out what my dream business would be.